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Four organisations from Norway, Germany, Turkey and the Netherlands are collaborating in improving their efforts to guide youngsters with a disability from school or vocational training to sustainable jobs. For that reason they have applied for a Partnership Grant of the Leonardo da Vinci Fund of the EU. Late June we received the message that the project was granted. Early October the coordinator will meet to discuss the planning of the project. Reports on the meetings can be found under “meetings”.

The improvement they are seeking is expected to be found in a better collaboration with Care organisations and Employers.

The partners will do that by exchanging expertise and good practices. In work packages they will work on a overview of good practices, a guideline for the general approach of creating the necessary environmental settings and naming the differences related to social cultural and social economical circumstances.

Where possible the partners will test and implement new methods of working and share the outcomes with the partners.


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This project has been made possible by the European Union.